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Zero Accident Award from Banten Provincial Government

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IPC Banten is a port location that has a high safety risk, Port should emphasize the application of SMK3, beside the policies of the importance in application K3 (Employee Safety) System at our company, IPC Banten management simultaneously socialize K3 for workers in port environment.

K3 system has been implemented on the use of Personal Protective Equipment , such as the use of safety shoes, vests, helmets and glasses. The goal is to reduce the working hours lost because of work accidents, avoid of material losses dan fatalities because of work accidents so the zero accident can be reached and creating a workplace that is efficient and productive because workers feel safe and comfortable.

Eventually, on 9th March 2013, IPC Banten get Zero Accident Award from Banten Provincial Government in monthly health and safety event 2013 was held by Labor and Transmigration Department.



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