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World Food Program Visit to IPC Banten


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The Arrival of the World Food Program Team was getting a Warm Welcome from the GM of Banten Port

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A Representative of the World Food Program


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Site Visit

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One of IPC Banten Staff was Explaining About the Facility in Banten Port




Tuesday, October 28th, 2014, PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) Branch of Banten received a visit from the World Food Program. Miss Anggraeni Puspitasari as a representative of the World Food Program introduced herself and told the aim of the visit.

Mr. Ahmad Kurniawan, represented IPC Banten, welcoming this visit. He also gave a brief explanation about IPC Banten to World Food Program colleagues, showing IPC Banten leaflet and other supporting documents. The visit was aimed to see our readiness of the port handling activities which related to the World Food Program plans to bring in goods, food aid, and medicine for the victims of natural disasters through Banten Port. They were attracted to Banten Port and all the facilities.

A speech was performed by Mr Chiefy Adi K as the General Manager Banten Port. He warmly welcomed and happy about their visit. He explained and introduced the core port business available at IPC Banten. He also delivered detailed information needed. The World Food Program colleagues were also took a port tour to see the berth facilities and the equipment in Banten Port.

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