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About IPC Banten

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Ciwandan Banten Public Port is located in Ciwandan sub-district, Cilegon municipality, about 11 Km away from Cilegon-Anyer. It has land road access through Jakarta-Merak toll road and is connected to Merak-Bakauheni/Lampung crossing lane which is easily reached from either Cilegon Barat toll gate or Cilegon Timur toll gate and connected to south path directly to Ciwandan Public Port.


In order to fulfill public needs especially for Banten region and generally for West Java region, and due to rapid industrial growth in Banten region such as Cilegon, West Serang, East Serang, Balaraja, and also West Tangerang which become Port Hinterland area, Ciwandan Banten Public Port has been established on August 27th, 1988 with land working area 54.7 Ha and water working area 4,100 Ha


Focusing on port services industry, Ciwandan Banten Public Port runs the business on port services and other business related with its services such as providing and running services for:

  1. Port pool and water for ship traffic and anchorage area
  2. Pilotage and Tug Services
  3. Wharf and other facilities for mooring and loading/discharging cargo
  4. Warehouse, storage yard, stevedore equipment and other port facilities
  5. Land for any type of building and yard, industry and buildings which related with sea transportation
  6. Electricity and ship’s water procurement
  7. Other facility in order to support company’s goal

Port of Banten is one of the 12 Indonesian port branches which is managed by Indonesia Port Corporation management, one of the State-Own Enterprises located in Jalan Pasoso No 1 Tanjung Priok Jakarta.

Ciwandan Banten Common Port is located in Sunda Strait on coordinate : 06º-01’-12” LS and 105º-57’-05” BT.





Ciwandan Green Port




Realized the importance of customer satisfaction as the key for company activity, Port of Banten management applies Quality Management System that fulfills Quality Management System Requirements and since 1999 had obtained ISO 9001:2000 / SNI 19-9001:2001 certificate and already has been improved to become ISO 9001:2008. It is intended to improve customer satisfaction with professional services, innovation, and continual improvement.

As an implementation of company operational activity, Ciwandan Banten Public Port always pays attention for environment preservation and public welfare.

Ciwandan Banten Public Port always performs environment component monitoring and evaluation which susceptive for company operational. So development activities and corporate development should be balanced with environment through Environmental Impact Assessment.

The corporation also concerns about social environment. This concern is implemented by Development Program of Small Business and Cooperatives that is assistance program to the company partner that spread in several cities in Banten Province.

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