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Welcome to Stevedore Of Pelindo

About Stevedore Pelindo

Stevedore of Pelindo nowadays is known as USTER namely enterprise for loading/unloading which was previously called Terminal Enterprise Division. Uster was supervised under Terminal and Operation Division which served loading/unloading activity from and to the ship. As the sub-unit of Banten Port services, we have done the rearrangement for human resources, facilities and infrastructure which will support the services operation of both loading and unloading the ship. All of the USTER human resources have been certified from competent institution: Port Training Centre, Jakarta.

The port has operated and has been trusted in Banten Port since 1987, it was functioned as business unit and stabilization towards Port performances. Port business often does the loading/unloading that is denied by other companies because of its difficulties or low price. It is proved that the Terminal and Operation division is used to do the very difficult work even with a lower price from other loading companies.

Realizing the competition on this business segment, Uster tries to focus on service quality improvement both administration and operation services and also equipped by all types of equipments include loading/unloading and helping tools.

Uster is now more reliable to handling the loading/ unloading cargoes, so Uster is braver to make a new challenge by making a target for all its duties in order to exceed the customer’s demand. It is proved by ISO 9001-2008 Certificate and it is the only one stevedoring company who succeeded to get ISO 9001-2008 Certificate. In accomplishing their duties, USTER always focuses on the priority of the principle of Win Win Solution with the goal “Customer Satisfaction”.


The Advantages

"Win-win solution and goal setting customer satisfication"

What will you get if you choose USTER as your business partner for loading/discharging activity? To answer this question, here is some information:

  • To get simplicity facility related with loading/discharging cargoes
  • The loading/discharging speed could be measured due to USTER that already has International Standard and  ISO 9001-2008 Certificate
  • To feel secure and convenient, due to all Human Resources of Uster was professional personnel and certified both from domestic and from abroad also equipped by reliable equipment
  • Competitive handling cost
  • The ship that is handled by USTER always gets priority for berthing.
  • The quantity as the result from loading/discharging activity was equal with quantity that received at consignee’s warehouse, due to USTER used the scale which is always supervised and calibrated by Metrology Laboratory of Banten Province.
  • There are no damaged and contaminated goods.


you have chosen the right partner ! !

They are now going to make promises to improve the Performance of the loading / unloading goods, while we've done since the first ...

SNI ISO 9001: 2008

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