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IPC Banten Held Iftar with 150 Orphans


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The Stage was Designed More Colorful and Still IPC Spirit-Themed

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Entertainment of Marawis by Ro-Ro IPC, who was employee of IPC Banten


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Children Story Accompanied by Musics and Songs, Specially Presented to the Orphans





Image 03Speech by the General Manager of Banten Port, Mr. Chiefy Adi K


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IPC's CEO with IPC Management Team of Head Office and Wives, Also Attended Ramadhan Safari at IPC Banten

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The Invited Guests of Ramadhan Safari consisting of the Orphans, the Poor, the Dhuafa, and the Stakeholders

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Granting Donation to the Orphans

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Cheerfulness of the Orphans during Iftar



Ciwandan – Right on the 18th day of Ramadhan 1435 H, IPC Banten held an iftar at PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II Branch of Banten office yard on Wednesday (16/7). The iftar was held by the management, employees, and supported by women of PIP and inviting 150 orphans from various foundation, the poor people, the dhuafa, and the stakeholders. This Ramadhan Safari event was also attended by Managing Director with head office of IPC management team and their wives.

As a form of concern for others and Ramadhan worship, beside iftar, IPC Banten management also granted donation to the orphans and the poor people who were invited to attend the iftar. Donation was also granted to 28 Office Boys and Cleaning Services by women of PIP. Inviting orphans to attend the iftar was a proof that we care for them who have limitation. This form of concern was aligned with the theme of Ramadhan Safari 2014 event, “The Sweetness of Silaturahim, The Beauty of Sharing”.

The event was opened by seasoned MCs, Marisa Hasni and Rizal Fauzi. The guests in the room were also entertained by the attracted performance, marawis by Ro-Ro IPC Banten who performed a religious song beautifully. The personnel of Ro-Ro IPC Banten, Rizal and Rohim are the proud employees of IPC Banten. There was also another entertainment, children storytelling by Miss Hidai which told us about success that was gained by efforts and hard work. This story was especially dedicated to the orphans.

The General Manager of Banten Port, Mr. Chiefy Adi K, said that this event was established from creativity, willingness, and hard work of the management and the entire staffs that worked together so that the event Ramadhan Safari ran well and successfully. This annual event was not only an expression of our gratitude for being gathered in Ramadhan, but also aimed to tighten ukhuwah Islamiyah (Islamic brotherhood) among all the workers of Banten Port and the stakeholders. Last but not least, the General Manager express profuse thanks to the Managing Director RJ. Lino and wife for the presence and to the women of PIP of head and branch office for participating and enlivening the event.

The General Manager also advised us to use this wisdom of Ramadhan as a moment to reflect and improve ourselves as well as generate a better attitude and work than the previous year. When there is a will, hard work, tenacity, and togetherness, there is a way.

While the Managing Director of IPC, Mr. RJ. Lino really hoped that all IPC workers work smart, work hard, cohesively, and sincerely, so they will work by their maximum capability, merely for the advancement of the company, the nation, and the state. In his speech, he said, “To the orphans, keep dreaming, because success starts from a dream.


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