Miscellaneous services

Miscellaneous services are the other aspects that which are very vital to improve the convenience and reliability of the ship when it berths. So, Port of Ciwandan Banten has some of the services that is always provided for customers.


1. Electrical services

Electrical services include the manufacture of new electrical connections or the addition of power or monthly service and electrical disconnection.

2. Telephone service

Telephone services include the manufacture of new telephone connection or monthly service and termination of telephone connections.

3. Pass Ports Services

• Integrated Pass
• Daily Pass
• Fixed Pass

4. Land and Building Services

Click here to see the datas of Land Leasing


Image 055. Water Service

Ship water: clean water supply for customer’s need

Fixed Water Connection:Provision for monthly subscription of clean water for service users.

Water Tank: Mobile water supplier for the customer.


6. Garbage services

Ship waste: sanitary service on ships trash for service users

Garbage Land: sanitary service for trash that is found on land

Loading/Discharging waste : Waste sanitation services that comes from loading/discharging activities

Waste: Waste sanitation services that comes from customer's activities

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