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Port Pool Facilitiy

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Information about Port Pool Facilitiy

Since the structure of the seabed in the waters of Ciwandan Port consists of layers of rock, so to get certain depth of the pool, both dragging of the port and dragging of the port pool should be conducted in the beginning of the port construction although the sedimentation rate is relatively very small


The depth of Ciwandan Banten public port pool is 7M to 15 M LWS. In addition, it can serve the ship until 72.000 DWT.



There are two rivers In Ciwandan Banten public port pool; in the northeast (Citayur) and in the southwest (Cikepuh). During the rainy season, both of the rivers potentially lead to bring the soil particles so that the over occupation in the hills around the hinterland port are carried to the outfall of the two rivers. Furthermore, since the topography of Ciwandan Banten public port is relatively flat (slope 0-2%), the transported particles will settle on its way from upstream to downstream. However, the settling in the outfall is very small so that the sedimentation caused by the rivers is relatively small.


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