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Indoport Expo 2015 at Surabaya


Image 03

Indoport Expo 2015 Gate

Image 03

Exhibition Booth of Banten Port

Image 03

Deputy Governor was visiting IPC Banten Booth

Image 03The guests was visiting our booth enthusiastically


Image 03

Director of Engineering was reviewing IPC Banten exhibition booth

Image 03

Photo Session with Deputy Governor



"Indoport Expo 2015" is port exhibiton which held by Indonesia Port Corporation I, II, III and IV (Persero) on March 5-7, 2015 in Grand City Hall & Convex, Surabaya East Java. This exhibition was participated by more than 30 companies which engaged in logistics, port and other State-Owned Enterprises from all over Indonesia that is PT. Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal, PT. Pertamina, Bank Mandiri, PT. Wijaya Karya, PT. Adhi Karya, PT. JICT, PT. KBN, Telkom Surabaya, PT. ILCS, PT. Nindya Karya, PT. EDI Indonesia, etc.

The opening of this exhibition was directly inaugurated by the Vice Governor of East Java, Mr. Saifullah Yusuf. All participants of the exhibition welcome him with enthusiasm and impassioned. As well as IPC Banten, managed to invite him to visit the exhibition booth of IPC Banten which ornamented with Orange Blue. His attendace to the booth of IPC Banten was warmly welcomed by the General Manager of IPC Banten Mr. Chiefy Adi K who took attendance and directly support IPC Banten employees who become representations in Indoport Expo. Booth of IPC Banten also visited by President Director of MTI (Mr. Dede Martin), Director of Technic and Information Technology of Pelindo III (Mr. Husein Latief), Dirjen of Maritime Transportation (Mr. Bobby R. Mamahit) and Technic Director of IPC (Mr. Ferialdy).

Not only the exhibition booth, employees of IPC Banten also attracted the attention of Vice Governor of East Java and other visitors because of wearing traditional costumes of West Java and other employees of IPC Banten also wearing Safety Vest and Helmet which is typical of IPC Banten. It is a pride to promote the company by wearing different outfit.

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